Procure to Pay Solutions

Digital Transformation is a key initiative across the globe now, organizations are becoming more agile and responsive by enabling a safe balance of digitization and security. Our procurement solutions provides transparent execution of PR to Payment process digitally with complete controls and checks.

Lead Management Solutions

Lead Management: The most significant aspect for any organization in sales function is interactive lead management. Converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on efficient communication and nurturing. Lead generation to scoring to conversion, our lead management software ensures proper follow-up to move your leads through the sales pipeline.

  • Boost your business growth exponentially by associating with us and experience the customized “sales solution”.

  • Manifold your sales with adequate inflow of business opportunities.

  • We assist you to engage with bigger brands in the industry.

  • Qualified and targeted leads to meet your business plan.

  • Domain expertise & focused sales approach for your products.

Procure to Pay (P2P) Solutions

Procure to Pay (P2P) application enables the customers to automate their procurement process and manage the function more effectively and efficiently. It enables the digital transformation of the process with out hassle, easy to customize tools provides the scope for continuous improvement. Procurement to pay tools enhances the business performance thereby optimizes the procurement cost. Our customer specific report tools provide better insights and visibility on spend data and savings opportunities.

  • Automated procurement process management.

  • Better visibility on the process and accountability of actions.

  • Spend data visibility & Insights to optimize the process and cost.

  • Workflow driven approval process.

  • Paperless solutions and better control on suppliers through platform driven bidding process.

  • Analytics and Insights.

  • Transparent procurement process.

  • Easy to customize Reports & MIS.

Master Data Management

Organizations are evolving rapidly to meet the industry demands and creates large set of data’s day in day out In terms of Material, Product, Customer and Supplier. In the large organizations, different functions working on the various Activities which puts stress on the data base management, and it enable the large scope of redundancy in data and duplicate entries unless it is managed well. Master Data Management (MDM) brings better control and governance on the master data. The data is clinched and codified uniquely as per the international standard.

  • Data Quality Services.

  • Data Audit, classification, clinching & Enrichment.

  • Analytics

  • Spend Analytics, Inventory Optimization, Supply chain Analytics.

  • EAM Data Management.

  • Asset Strategy, Equipment Master, Data Migration.

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